• The bull of Oreoi of length of 3,2 metres that found in 1965 in the beach of Oreoi was made in honour of Dimitrios of besieger at the season of Macedonian sovereignty. Is found in the grounds of temple of Savior near to harbour.
  • The castle of Oreoi. It is ruins of fortress above the city. It was built on Venetian domination in foundations of ancienter fortification.
  • The Byzantine temple of Saint Vasileios which is built over an ancient temple.
  • Nisiotissa. In the small homonym islet of bight of Easternly N. Tower exists building of Venetian domination
  • Nautilus. Museum of shells - rocks and marine discoveries in Agiokampos. The visitor has the occasion to discover the secrets of bottom and his live organisms.
  • Warm water sources of Edipsos. Thermal sources worldwide acquaintances for 3.000 thousands years for their therapeutic attributes.
  • Museum of natural history in Istiaia. Exhibits of various animals and birds, fossils, etc.